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Lime Marseille : A unique experience

Mis à jour : 1 sept. 2019

Today is January 19 2019 and this is an important day for the people of Marseille. Lime, the Californian company of free-floating e-scooters finally arrives to the French sun capital.

500 e-scooters are already available between the docks and the Mediterranean beaches.

A few weeks later, Lime claimed that it was the largest commercial launch in France, it overtakes even those of Paris and Lyon.

"The largest commercial launch in France"

As a Lime user from the beginning - with some kilometers in Bordeaux (while it was still available), Lyon and Paris -, I was in a hurry to test this service in Marseille and I wasn’t disappointed.

Wherever this new service has been implemented, e-scooters were largely adopted by residents to get from point A to point B, replacing those of public transport or Uber.

I have been surprised to see that the first e-scooter users in Marseille were choosing Lime to take a walk: one, two or three people enjoying the Mediterranean littoral or even the numerous squares like the famous Borélyon on their Lime!

It is well-known that the people of Marseille don’t respect a lot of laws, like the legal age to use the Lime e-scooter or wearing a helmet, etc.

Rules and Regulations Lime escouters

Many parents paid several hours of Lime-use for their children so that they can enjoy the sun and the beach in peace. A paradox in the poorest big city of the country, especially if we take into account that the price for a unlocked Lime is 10€ for one hour.

So, I understand why Lime spoke of “success” about this launch!

But Lime won’t be alone for a long, because the city hall announced that six new operators want to settle down in Marseille. We will certainly see Wind or Bird soon in Marseille.

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